MixMasterJ’s New Hit

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MixMasterJ’s New Hit

MixmasterJ, aka Jide Folayan, is a songwriter, producer, mix engineer and artist. Now as an artist, he is expressing the deepest side of him through RnB. But he loves Hip hop and Rap which is his original roots. He has been underground for quite a while, working with producers and teaching audio engineering. He runs a recording and mixstudio in Ikeja Lagos.
He comes from a musical family with one of his siblings as a successful recording artist and another as an artist manager.

Click Play below to listen to MixmasterJ’s new Hit – I want Money [sc_embed_player_template1 fileurl=http://goldenicons.com/audio/MixMasterJ/I-Want-Money.mp3]


MixmasterJ’s Interview and photo enhanced by Bode Ojo for Golden Icons

I can smell Akon in your style, is this the Artist that Inspire you?

I like his voice.. Yes. But I don’t study him. I just realize that I sound like him. He’s doing great so I don’t mind sounding like him. Ha ha ha.


When did you start singing?

I started singing at home from a very early age I can’t say now, but I have been doing stage singing from Sunday school, All Souls chapel and primary school (O.A.U Staff School Ile-Ife).

I also remember my father making us sing special numbers in our hometown church (and sometimes bouncing the organist!!)

My earliest relevant memory of serious performances was an opera… Scrooge’s Christmas, an adaptation of the famous Charles Dickens book. It showed for 3 days at the Pits Theatre that was around 1987. I was the main star (Ebenezer Scrooge) and the role had lots of singing and poetry and a huge script. I was also a member of the Boys Brigade and later became a drum major. In secondary school (Moremi High School) joined a Choir called Heavenly Voices. Then we moved on to form a group called SAVED where I was a rapper…those were the days of Hip-hop and G Funk. At that time i was also a tenor the all souls chapel choir. This was around 1994.

I also started a group with my sisters (3 of them including Buki now BOUQUI). I used to write and arrange harmony for them and we used to sing at church programs vigils and conventions.

SAVED later dissolved in the university days and some guys went solo. I then started my own RnB group with 2 other guys and called it ‘OAKS’ around 1998. In school I hosted two concerts (The More Love Concerts I and II) raised my own choir, writing all the songs for the soloists, duets, groups and the choirs.  After school I’ve been music director in a couple of churches. Stopped singing altogether and became a producer and engineer.

I studied audio engineering specializing in Digital Music Composition with a school from Singapore.

Was a recording engineer for a couple of years mix engineer for a couple of years (hence the name MixmasterJ),I also run my own recording and mix studio, ‘MixHouse’ in Ikeja, Lagos. I’ve gone back into producing and now eventually, here I am behind the Mic again.


When should be expect your next Album

I have recorded more than 10 songs for the album but I want to feature some artists. So I want to add a couple of more tracks and eliminate the weaker ones and the ones I feel are not just ready yet. I am just testing the waters with this track. So before the end of the next quarter I should release.


I know that you are one of the main success behind the famous female rapper BOUQUI (your Sister), so how come you did not start before now, as it is clear that you have a unique talent?

I didn’t think it was worth it at the time. I stepped in as a matter of necessity. Before, I thought I could just stay in the background and influence the music but I realized that if I didn’t step in … the industry would suffer more and God would judge me for it.

I actually recorded 2 album projects which I didn’t release

As a producer you don’t really have much control over what an artist sings about. Whatever material any artist has, you just have to find a way of making it sellable. So here’s where I can really make my impact. But let me add, I’m sorry for not coming out before now.


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