D’Comeback in Cinemas: 10-1-10

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D’Comeback in Cinemas: 10-1-10

Nigerian movie producers in the Diaspora are gradually coming back home, their efforts have not gone unnoticed as it seems they have enriched the Nollywood scene with new ideas and expertise in movie production. We have seen them pull it off in movies like Ije and Figurine; here they come again with another stellar movie D’Comeback. Shot in the US, and the movie first premiered in Bethesda, Maryland in April 2010.

According to Prominent Cease Entertainment, the producers of the movie, the aim of the outfit is to produce good movies that will pass a positive message to the people.

As Africans in the Diaspora, we seek to bring critical acclaim to the African movie industry by producing movies that go against the current norm: our movies will have good sound quality, interesting story line, good acting and send a positive message to our community”. Wale Odusanya the spokesperson for Prominent Cease Entertainment said.

D’Comeback – Behind The Scenes Part 1

Prominent Cease Entertainment is an entertainment company with a Christian foundation and a focus on bringing acclaim to the Nigerian and broader African Entertainment industry. The company is involved in scriptwriting, acting, music production, animation, marketing and business strategies. The outfit is out to change the landscape of the Nigerian and broader African Entertainment Industry by introducing quality entertainment to a worldwide audience in a way that showcases the richness of African talent and results in positive social change.

The movie synopsis:

D’Comeback is the story of David King. Loosely based on the biblical character, David, it is the story of a man of humble beginnings, who begins life with the right priorities and beliefs and slowly becomes a leader in his city. However, with great power comes great responsibility, and David has to learn how to handle the power that he now possesses. A story about rivalry, success, betrayal and finally redemption, D’Comeback takes you on a journey through a man’s life and shows that ultimately, only Gods direction will lead to a truly successful life. The movie is an infusion of dance, drama, action, romance and comedy in order to convey the great message of this powerful story.

The movie will begin showing in Nigerian cinemas on the 1st of October 2010.


D’Comeback – Behind the Scenes:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0lIGALzHWC8


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