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Wedding: Love at first sight

In present times, most people have relegated the reality of love at first sight to a thing of the past, because it is widely believed that such happenings no longer exist. However, Oye’s experience on that eventful and fateful day when he met Sabrina brought this long forgotten reality back to life. The story of these two scholars, Oye, who is a graduate student at the Ivy League college, Harvard University, and Sabrina, a Cambridge college and University of Massachusetts alumnus, is one that was destined and purposed by God. Oye met Sabrina by share coincidence, through one of his friends. But, unbeknownst to both of them, that meeting was already weaving the destiny of two lives that was soon going to become one.

The meeting was definitely ordained and made in heaven. Oye first set his eyes on Sabrina, when a friend, whom he had invited to join him and his other co-workers and other friends for a Thursday night salsa dance at Ryles Jazz club in Cambridge, Massachusetts had asked if she could bring another friend along. Oye met both ladies at the bar and as he set his eyes on Sabrina, the delectable and striking composure of this young beauty captivated Oye’s heart. According to Oye, the smile Sabrina greeted him with was far brighter than the radiance of the sun, that for a moment, he actually saw heaven come down and trumpets sounding everywhere.

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Sabrina’s strong personality struck Oye’s interest during this first meeting, and right there at the Salsa dance, Oye knew deep within him he had found the right one. But, just like most other guys, Oye decided not to be over-aggressive, and he kept himself pre-occupied, but also within close proximity of Sabrina by offering drinks and engaging in general talks. But the interweaving of the various forces of nature, that had already sealed this fateful day as the beginning of greater things to come, allowed a peculiar event to happen, which eventually sealed the day for Oye.

The culture of Salsa (at least at Ryles) is to accept salsa beginners like Oye and his new friends on the dance floor. While Oye was dancing with Sabrina’s friend, they accidentally bumped into a couple next to them, and the female dancer was extremely annoyed and reacted rudely by rolling her eyes and saying “Watch yourselves!” However, Sabrina seated on the other side of the dance floor, could see and sense the negative attitude from the female dancer. When the song ended, Oye and Sabrina’s friend went over to Sabrina and her simple gesture about that happening kept Oye laughing uncontrollably – and at that moment, Sabrina’s strong personality captivated his soul, and that was the deal breaker for this fateful night.

c-Sabrina_Oye-37-bb1 c-Sabrina_Oye-36-bb1 c-Sabrina_Oye-38-bb1

Two weeks later, on Oye’s 30th birthday party to be precise, Sabrina was again quietly seated at a corner of the room and just observing the fun and excitement in the house. On this beautiful day, Oye officially asked Sabrina out for a date. Oye could not explain how he phrased the question, but whichever way it was, Sabrina accepted and everything else is history.

During Oye’s first and Sabrina’s fifth visit to the beautiful island of Aruba, the ring was spotted at a jewelry store across the hotel they were staying, and finally purchased a couple of months after. Oye proposed to Sabrina during a surprise birthday party, at the Vinalia Restaurant and Lounge, right in front of their family and friends, which had always been his desire. Oye and Sabrina drove to the birthday location in a limo, and the venue was already set aglow with light décor, good music was playing in the background, and the food and drinks arrangement was also in place.

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The couple walked into the venue, and noticed everywhere was very quiet – and then Sabrina faced the surprise –  right in front of her were over a hundred family and friends all saying “Surprise” That moment was a very beautiful one that brought tears of joy to Sabrina’s eyes and she was very glad that the event was put together for her. Later in the night, the long awaited question was popped out while the DJ played two of the couple’s favorite songs –  “Can’t wait another minute” by Najee and  “African Queen”  by 2 Face. While the DJ was playing “African Queen”, Oye signaled to the DJ to stop the music. At that point, Sabrina was still wondering what had just happened, and Oye seized the moment to get on his knees -with the ring in his hand, and before he could say anything, someone in the crowd yelled  “And what’s your answer?” and Sabrina screamed “Yes!!!.” And then Oye said, I haven’t even asked you yet and every body chuckled. Oye then formally asked Sabrina to be his life partner and Sabrina did not fail to say “yes” again with a resounding and reverberating tone.

The wedding ceremony was fabulous, the décor was simply exquisite. Akin’s signature Events level of professionalism and special touch of class was second to none. A boarding pass was used as the place card, colorful candy and dessert bars, band entertainment, and special light effects, were some of the spotlights of the day.

d-Sabrina_Oye-48-bb1 d-Sabrina_Oye-50-bb1

Article by Bode Ojo

Photo Credit: Tunji Sangoleye and Segun Gele, Edited by Bode Ojo with a Golden Icons Touch.

Makeup/Gele Artist: Segun Gele

Event Decor/Design: Akins Signature Events –





















Photo Credit: Tunji Sangoleye and Segun Gele, Edited by Bode Ojo with a Golden Icons Touch.

Makeup/Gele Artist: Segun Gele

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