Fashion: KACHI Designs – Transforming Nigerian fabric to unstoppable and undeniable custom made pieces to help a woman get to her destination Blog

Fashion: KACHI Designs – Transforming Nigerian fabric to unstoppable and undeniable custom made pieces to help a woman get to her destination

Written By: Linda Anukwuem

Beyond our hopes and dreams, only lies the execution of actually exhibiting pure efforts into those perceived thoughts and allowing those thoughts to become alive that were once conceived. Chigozie Anaele allows this notion to be more than just a statement. She makes it reality. It’s simple; she is pursuing her dream with eloquence. Transforming Nigerian fabric to unstoppable and undeniable custom made pieces to help a woman get to her destination. She is more than just a designer. She is an artist and an entrepreneur. At the tender age of 24, Chigozie has seeded her dream and birthed KACHI Designs.

Every stitch, every hem, every cut is worthy of museum display. With the choice of favorable colors, the creation embarked on a silhouette displays true fineness and compliments true beauty for all shapes and forms. Her selections are sensual but yet they all burst with a certain amount of sex appeal. One can feel exotic and priceless all at the same time.

Her journey began with the urgency of constantly pleading with her father to buy her a sewing machine. In her state of mind, “I can’t” was never discovered because impossible became possible in her dream and reality. Her drive to hone her craft and perfect her sewing was fueled by her determination. How many of us have used the simple fact that we can’t because we don’t know how? Well, pay attention, because without a single class or even the slightest instruction from any seamstress, this young Nigerian talent has proven that she can.

Her dressmaking is round the clock from dusk to dawn and it began from the sheets stripped from her cushion of comfort. Yes, ladies and gentleman, I do mean her very own bed. Chigozie had sewn her very first dress using her bed sheets. Money was scarce starting out so she used the resources that were in front of her. However, trial and error has molded her to what you see today.

Little did she know her hobby became her gift?  From one custom request to another, has led to many invites to numerous fashion shows and unending orders. Thus far, however, her biggest accomplishment is her ability to maintain her focus, pay attention to quality, and thus limit her growth so that neither is compromised. With the anticipation of Houston Fashion Week, she is solidly in execution mode, not wanting to disappoint in her hometown.  She is set to showcase a collection that will, undoubtedly, leave the crowd yearning for more.

Beyond the inches of her measuring tape, she has a passion to help you and I bring out the beauty that resides in all of us. Chigozie celebrates the woman form with a strong emphasis of color in an avant-garde and couture kind of way.  She combines ethnic fashions with her own modern twist creating one-of-a-kind unique designs that makes a statement for the modern woman.   Her pieces are timeless and bold. And, like every artist, her works are an expression of who she is. KACHI Designs is by far, play wear. If you decide to step into one of her designs, please be ready to bring it and not necessarily with an attitude but with sophistication. She brings the art of culture to its finest form. Taken back by the gawking of others but to leave one standing with stage presence in pursuit of the runway! In a KACHI Design, you are at the forefront and will literally be center stage.

You can rest assure Chigozie Anaele will be emerging as one of the leading new fashion designers of today.




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