The United Nigeria Group (TUNG) is a non-profit, non-partisan organization comprised of a group of progressive Nigerians — at home and in the Diaspora— who are committed to the growth and development of our beloved country, Nigeria.

The United Nigeria Group is dedicated to a democratic and united Nigeria.  The movement was inspired by the need to elevate our country to its rightful place in the world.  For too long many of us have sat on the sidelines watching some of our leaders put themselves before the interests of the people they were elected to serve.

The United Nigeria Group also believes that to make progress and take our country to a place where we can achieve our full potential, we should focus on our positive achievements and contributes more towards the uplifting of our collective existence as a nation. The government cannot always do it all.  Our elected officials need the full support of the citizens.

The United Nigeria Group is not in denial that our nation has issues that must be dealt with, but we cannot continue to slam Nigeria without being vocal about solutions as well. It is our position that there are enough civilians in society and media outlets who make their living from focusing on the negative aspects about Nigeria on a daily basis and so we choose to concentrate on the other area they fail to elaborate on.

Commercial: I Am Goodluck Jonathan

This political season, we proudly endorse GOOD LUCK JONATHAN for the presidency because:

1.      His all inclusive politics promises to bring unity to Nigerians regardless or religious or regional orientation.

2.      His even temperament is an admirable quality, tantamount to the success of any great leadership. This is evident in his composure and transition from vice president of Nigeria, to acting president, to president.

3.      In the last 9 months as president, he has drastically reduced fuel scarcity. He has evened out the price of fuel nationwide in Nigeria and all the oil refineries are functioning in Nigeria.

4.      He is actively renovating our power sector to help stabilize electricity in the country.

5.      In education, he has commissioned 9 universities to be built immediately and he has committed to making sure every state gets at least one new university within 2 years. He has also set up a presidential committee that will help strengthen the primary, secondary and tertiary levels of education in Nigeria.

6.      He has invested in major infrastructure (highways) what are being built to increase road safety in the country.

7.      He advocated a more transparent banking industry for economic prosperity

8.      All the Radar systems in all airports in Nigeria have been restored to facilitate aviation safety and security

9.      He invested $280 million dollars in the arts to support the youth by creating jobs and making Nigeria more competitive nationally and internationally

10.  He has substantially invested in agriculture to ensure self sufficiency in food production and provide numerous job opportunities

He is a candidate with humble beginnings that truly has a pulse on the heartbeat of Nigeria. He is in touch with his people. He is committed to conducting free and fair elections in Nigeria. The PDP primaries are evidence of this. Because of his humility he sees himself as a servant of his people. He is a good listener that truly lives and believes in the potential of his people.

These are few of the many reasons why The United Nigeria Group is endorsing GOODLUCK JONATHAN Join us on April 9th to spearhead a new leadership direction for our country Nigeria.

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