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Mystery/Suspense Flick – The Land

Independent, African-owned film company, Insurmountable Filmworks Inc., present: THE LAND. This motion picture has Hollywood written all over it. Simply put, ‘…the flick’s got attitude…’ You’ll find an impressive assembly of actors in great character roles…and the filmmakers seem to know every trick of the trade. Featuring Nollywood star, Van Vicker (The Devil), Roslyn Bertrand, Perez Egbi, Merlissa Langelleir, Bill Ross, and a cast of other promising actors. The movie was shot on location in Texas. (Kendleton and Houston).

The Movie is scheduled to be premiere on March 25 and 26 in Houston, Texas. View the flier at the bottom of this page for more details.




In 1949, the Mephistophelian Order of the Third Devil, the MOTD, purchased a piece of land, fifteen miles south of Houston, and built on it. This was the original and only regional worshiping center, where they gathered in the dead of night to revere the devil and curse God. Six years later, in 1953, the sect lost land and property to foreclosure. The land and property was put up for sale on the auction block that same year. A fledgling, newly formed, Christian sect, known as the Garden Gethsemane Parish, won the bid.

But, the battle for land and property has just begun…fifty-six years later, that is. The first owners of that tract of land hadn’t really vanished with time, only because the evil they worshiped had taken human form: Jez Abelton (Van Vicker). The devil quietly joined the fifty-something year-old Garden Gethsemane Parish. He is there to take back what he believes was his in the first place; the land the church sits on.

Pastor Okafor, (Perez Egbi), his wife, Nkem Okafor(Merlisa Langellier) and the Parish Council Members had their hands full. The Pastor calls in help from Colorado, a Catholic Priest, Reverend Dellinger (Bill Ross) America’s renowned Exorcist. But, the devil knows what to do to trash Pastor Okafor and Rev Dellinger’s efforts; he possesses Garden Gethsemane’s newly crowned deaconess, Kerrie Brown (Rosalyn Bertrand), to assist him in his scheme.

Chilling…a haunting, spiritual struggle between good and evil!!! Totally engaging, and finely woven: Racy and imaginatively delicious.

Behind the Scenes

The Land Main Characters: Rosalyn Bertrand & Van Vicker

Perez Egbi and Executive Producer/Co-Star – Dr Chikamele Amuneke

Mandalyn Felix

Kevin Dawd & Mandalyn Felix

On location with the Crew

Executive Consultant – Agbai Eke Agbai, and Script Supervisor – Erik Ruzyla

L-R: Kevin Dowd & Susan Blair;  Greg Hall (Detective) and Perez

Ted Halloron (Soundman) & Michele (Make-up Artiste)

L-R: Don Okolo (Writer/Director), John Snavely (DP), & Chris Ulasi

Co-Stars: Bill Ross & Perez Egbi

Behind the Scenes Shot

Perez Egbi & Merlisa “Determined” Langellier

Van Vicker and Margie Walker (Set Designer)

The Land Movie Stars

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