Houston Premiere: Feb. 25, 2012

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Houston Premiere: Feb. 25, 2012

Finally, the premiere of this phenomenal and hilarious movie ‘Who is the Man?‘ is around the corner. The premiere will be live in Houston on Saturday, Feb 25, 2012 at the Bollywood Cinema 6. Golden Icons & NaijaPrince Entertainment presents the premiere of the highly anticipated hilarious comedy movie of the year “Who is the Man” starring Pascal Atuma, Jim Iyke, Oscar Atuma and many more. The information for the premiere is as follows:

VENUE: Bollywood Cinema 6, ADDRESS: 2703 Hwy 6 South, Houston Texas, 77082; TIME: 8:00pm, No African time please.

Tickets: $15 Presale, $20 at the Cinema

Who is the man?” a production of “African Entertainment Group in association with Pascal Atuma Productions – starring Nollywood big names such as Pascal Atuma and Jim Iyke (Nollywood Bad Boy), and also starring “My American Nurse 2 ” stars Oscar Atuma and Seun Maduka. The film is a high tension drama mixed with comedy, produced by the Atuma Brothers, written and directed by Pascal Atuma who also directed the hit comedies “My American Nurse 1 & 2” and upcoming movie “Okoto the Messenger”. “Who is the man?” is set for release December 2011 in the USA & Canada.”



The movie tells the story of three co-workers (car mechanics to be exact), two of them married and one single. The character of “Ajegunle”, one of the co-workers played by Oscar Atuma (Awolowo of My American Nurse & Okoto the Messenger), who is married to the character “Funke “ played by Nigeria’s Hollywood based International actress and model, Eeefy Ify Ike. Ajegunle is a good man who loves his wife, and treats her like a queen, but his co-worker and friend “Kumasi” see’s him as a weak man and calls him “woman wrapper”. On the other hand, the character of “Kumasi” ,played by Nigeria’s Hollywood based International actor and comedian, Pascal Atuma (Hurricane in the Rose Garden, Only in America, My American Nurse, Okoto the Messenger etc) , is married to the character “Ngozi” played by Seun Maduka ( Adanma of My American Nurse 2) . Kumasi is a “chauvinist” and very abusive husband, physically and verbally, who thinks that his wife “Ngozi” should worship and serve him because he is the man. He also cheats on her with other women without remorse, the worst husband any woman will dream for.

The third co-worker whose character name is “Maliki” played by Nollywood’s celebrated superstar, the one and only Jim Iyke (One Dollar, Two dollars etc) is the single one, and understudies both marriages to see which one will survive, and whoever his marriage survives will be called “The Man”—The “woman wrapper” as our people call it or the “chauvinistic man of the house”, who will survive at the end?? It is total drama, told in a comedic form, will be very entertaining and informative, kind of an eye opener and mirror into most African marriages in diaspora and at home. The movie addresses the problem of domestic violence and total abuse which is destroying many marriages and homes all over the world.

It also features Nollywood veteran actress Philomena Ochei (Only in America) and other rising stars, namely Naja Mathews, Yollande Kayembe, Serge Murphy Ukah, Stanley Atuma, Cedrick Walton, Cynthia Chioma Nwaubani, Maureen Onyechere etc.

Video Production by Lupe Nunez & Matt Trevino

Behind the Scenes

Photo by Matt Trevino and enhanced by Bode Ojo


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