President Goodluck Jonathan Urges Nigerians to Endure the Effects of Current Global Drop in Oil Prices While Speaking at an Abuja-based Church Blog

President Goodluck Jonathan Urges Nigerians to Endure the Effects of Current Global Drop in Oil Prices While Speaking at an Abuja-based Church

Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan who is currently going around Abuja Churches to thank them for their prayers and while speaking at the Christ Apostolic Church in Abuja on Sunday, he said that the the current oil price drop is nothing compared to the $40 per barrel oil was sold for in 2008 and 2009, according to a Premium Times Nigeria reports.

“Of course, if t‎here is a drop in oil price, it will affect us in one way or the other. We tell our people to bear with us. It has happened before in 2008, 2009 that was almost about $40, we survived as a nation. This time, by all predictions, it will not even go as low as that, we will surely survive it. The economic team is working very hard to stabilize it and we believe that although there may be temporary inconveniences, it will definitely not bring the economy down” the President said.

Nigerian President Jonathan Goodluck considered suspending his country's World Cup team because of its poor play in the soccer tournament.

The President further said 2015 “is a tempting year for us” … “All that I will request of you is to continue to pray for us politicians, myself and other politicians from all political parties, for God to guide us in our utterances and what we do so that we will not sacrifice the lives of Nigerians because of our ambitions.”
“Nobody’s ambition is worth the blood of any Nigerian. Pray to God to give us that wisdom and mind to make sure we conduct ourselves in a way that will not set the country ablaze because of our own personal ambition.”

“There are so many good Nigerians that can hold the offices we are occupying or aspiring to occupy, it is by privilege of God that we are here in positions to ask for the mandates of Nigerians.
“None of us should begin to think that he is the best person to be anywhere from state houses of assembly to the president. There are a thousand and one Nigerians that are super qualified more than those people who are even aspiring to occupy offices.
“The development of Nigeria is what all of us want. If every aspirant has the mind to develop the people, the. You do not need to kill or maim people to get there.”

“You do not need to kill the people you want to develop in order to get to the office you want except if you are aspiring for that office for a different reason.
“If the idea is to help the people, grow the economy and make the people happy, you won’t want to kill, you won’t want to maim or burn down houses, vehicles and property.
“Human beings may see things differently but God can guide us, ” he added.

President Jonathan also said that his administration is coming up with policies to move the country forward and the results of his “policies” may not be obvious now but “God willing”, job opportunities will continue to increase in Nigeria and many more young people will be employed.

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