Desmond Elliot’s Interview: The root of our problem in Nigeria starts with Tribalism, and not realizing that we are ONE: Watch Now!! Blog

Desmond Elliot’s Interview: The root of our problem in Nigeria starts with Tribalism, and not realizing that we are ONE: Watch Now!!

This NEVER RELEASED interview of Desmond Elliot was done in the Summer of this year ‘2014’, but could not be released due to some technical issues.

In this exclusive interview, Nollywood Ace Director/Actor Desmond Elliot sat down with Emma Emerson of Golden Icons to discuss several topics including: his career, transitioning from an actor to a director, who earns more between Nigerian musicians and Nollywood actors; on how Lagos as a city can benefit from Nollywood. When asked to list the top endorsed actors in Nollywood, he mentioned his humble self and others including, Genevieve Nnaji, Mike Ezuruonye, Chioma Chukwuka Akpotha, Funke Akindele, and Ini Edo, just to mention a few.
Part 2 of this interview got a little more interesting, as we got down to his family, and talks about being married for 11 years, how he handled having 2 sets of twins, and addressed the previous online rumor that he relocated his family to the United States.

Part 2 of 2

Below is an excerpt from Part 2 of the Interview on his LOVE for his country ‘Nigeria’:

Desmond: I am hoping for a Nigeria that is very fantastic says Desmond Elliot;
Emma: Do you think that is ever possible
Desmond: Extremely Possible… Let me tell you why
Desmond: The former 10 year olds are now 18; and the former 18 year olds are now 36, so Information is increasing; and don’t forget, Nigeria as a.. as a people, is specially created.
Emma: For what?
Desmond: We are specially created; do you know why we are special? I’m not joking now.. I mean it, cos’ I’ve been almost everywhere, and I see a Nigerian in almost every country I’ve been to; and my question is: What are they looking for?
You must always see that a Nigerian is a powerful being, and we are beginning to understand that. The only thing we need to do now is teach our youth.. and let them understand that.. Listen, we are powerful beings. Our Major devil or demon is: the old thinking of why I am a Yoruba man and I shouldn’t be talking to an Igbo man; or Why I am a Hausa man, and I shouldn’t be talking to an Igbo man.
Emma: “You think Tribalism is the biggest issue” in Nigeria
Desmond: It’s in it, and let me tell you who passes it across
Emma: Who?
Desmond: Our Parents!! Our Parents… You know why? Immediately now…. Imagine kids…. Once a child comes…. I use my kids as an example….They come here to America…. They don’t look…. they don’t care if you are white or black, or blue or yellow.. Until you ask the question, is Jamie White or Black… You understand…. because they don’t care!!
He further continued to describe the scenario, and then made one of his biggest punch lines… The moment we ‘Nigerians’, realize that we are SAME…. If we must grow first, then you must see yourselves as ONE.
You need to watch Part 2 of this exclusive Interview with Golden Icons to view the full details of the discussion..

Click HERE to Watch Part I

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