Meet the New York Celebrity Fitness Trainer! Ngo Okafor whips InStyle Beauty Director ‘Kahlana Barfield’ in shape for her Wedding Blog

Meet the New York Celebrity Fitness Trainer! Ngo Okafor whips InStyle Beauty Director ‘Kahlana Barfield’ in shape for her Wedding

In preparation for her Wedding in October, InStyle Beauty Director, Kahlana Barfield wants to get back in shape! As a beauty leader, always staying in shape is serious business. “I give people style, fitness and beauty tips. I make sure I am the reflections of those advise” she says.  She engaged the service of another ‘honcho’ in the fitness industry, Ngo Okafor to help her achieve her goals. Apparently, she trains with him three times a week to stay in perfect shape.

Ngo Okafor was once dubbed the most downloaded black male model and actor on the internet, and has also been a two times Golden Glove boxing champion, which he won consecutively. After hanging his boxing glove, he became a successful model and he was featured widely in Vogue, Men’s Health, Wall Street Journal and Vibe. As an actor, he also played roles in TV shows, soap operas, movies and Nike promotions. He has 30,000 followers on Twitter, including designer Betsey Johnson and actor Kadeem Hardison.

Okafor is known for going an extraordinary length in whipping his charges to get the desired results his clients by pushing and motivating them as required. His personal high profile as a boxing champion, model and actor has definitely given him the extra impetus to push his trainees beyond the limits they thought were not attainable.

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Ngo pushes me to places where I didn’t know humanly possible” says Chopin Rabin, the 35 years old Executive Director for global communications of NARS Cosmetics. Ngo has prescribed a program consisting of boxing, strength training and cardio exercise that have not only transformed him physically but also transcends his consciousness in self-limitation. “I feel like I am fighting for my clients” says Okafor. “ I stay on top of them and following because I want them to win, especially the girls in fashion and beauty” he continues.

Another stellar in the personal fitness industry is Mary Ann Browning, whom city glitterati, Estee Lauder Chief, John Demsey trains with. “Moneyed people in business, finance and beauty follows her around like a cult says Demsey who was introduced to her by CNN correspondent, Alina Chu several years ago.

Like Okafor, Browning also cares for her clients to an extraordinary length! The fitness expert reportedly assisted Demsey in finding a surgeon when the Estee Lauder Chief needed an operation for his knee injury. After the surgery, she became his physiotherapist and adviser to the extent of calling his assistant to inquire about his diet and training schedule. Demsey worked out three or four times a week with Browning, exercising each muscle group to ensure that his knee would recover expeditiously via physio-therapeutic regiments.

“Click here to view our Exclusive Interview with Ngo Okafor”

Both celebrity trainers in the glittering city of New York work to sculpt out the physique of many glitterati that require their services. Their mission is not only image revamping but also helping people to transcend their self-limitations and enhance their self-esteem with an appealing look on camera

Dress: Valencia Atelier Shoes: Christian Louboutin  Hair: Billy Dee Williams Makeup: Camara Helps Photographed at Peak Performance 54 West 21st Street, 8th Floor NYC  NY, NY - January 26, 2015 - Features - Kamala Barfield, InStyle Beauty Editor, trains with Ngo at Peak Fitness, 54 West 21st St, NY, NY. Photo By Zandy Mangold.


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