Read the Full Text of Daniel Ademinokan’s Video as he Thrashes Out the Truth on Relationship with Stella Damasus, Ex-wife and Son! Blog

Read the Full Text of Daniel Ademinokan’s Video as he Thrashes Out the Truth on Relationship with Stella Damasus, Ex-wife and Son!

Let the truth be told! There has been a lot of speculations and allegations regarding Nollywood multiple winning Producer/Director, Daniel Ademinokan’s relationship with Nollywood actresses, Stella Damasus & Ex-wife, Doris Simeon and also, the child custody drama with David Ademinokan, the son the ex-couple had together.

The Nollywood Producer/Director had kept quiet all these while and refused to make any major public comments, despite all the turmoil that ensued after he relocated to the United States and started a relationship with Stella D. In a previously published exclusive interview that Emma Emerson of Golden Icons had with Stella Damasus, the Nollywood star actress and musician spoke candidly about the rumors in an all-holds-barred interview. Click here if you missed it!

However, in this down-to-earth and straight-to-the-point video, Daniel decided to break his own part of the silence and deal with the issue once and for all, thereby revealing to the world the real happenings behind the side-talks, which was triggered after Daniel was made aware of certain news that was spreading all over the internet involving his son, David.


Watch the Video:

Read the full transcript of the video titled “Let’s Squash This Nonsense” below:

“To be honest with you, not in a million years did I think I will sit here to address everyone on this issue but sometimes there are some certain things that people need to deal with once and for all so that one can move on, once and for all. In the last couple of years, let’s say two three years or maybe four years, a lot of people talking about my family, my life, my public and private life. I have refused to talk about it because for me, I don’t like wasting time on irrelevant things… If you can talk smack about me, I don’t care but when you bring that close to home about my son, I will deal with publicly and address it.”

“I saw a picture of somebody there, whose a kid, a bit plus-size and the person was with my ex wife Doris and they are saying this is my son who is clearly dressed in female clothes and I was wondering to myself, why would anyone think I would dress my son in female clothes? Now the pictures that you are seeing right now, this person is definitely not my son David. I don’t know why people will assume that my son would be dressed in female clothes, my son David whom I love and cherish so much, would be dressed in hand-me-downs from girls, its unbelievable that people would even conceive these thoughts, its crazy. This person you are seeing here is not my son David. And am surprised that the person who put up this picture has not gone on ahead to say this person is not her son. And maybe this is a call to get sympathy from people, I really don’t know, but I expect that every reasonable parent would go out there when see that people are talking smack about your son, calling your son transgender, calling your son a girl, saying your son is suffering, would go out there and say THE PICTURE YOU ARE SEE HERE IS NOT MY SON.
First of all, I was not even aware when she came to America, I didn’t know she was here until today that I saw these pictures. If someone really cares for the son, you have my number you would call me after several weeks in America to let me know “Look I am here, I need to see my son.” Why would I stop them? Why would I stop you? But the truth is, this charade has gone on for too long and you know what, people can go to court and lie and say whatever they want to say, it really doesn’t bother me, people can write what they want to write about me, I am a man, I am into showbiz, I can handle myself but don’t drag my son into all this crap. And people should not use an innocent child to draw sympathy or use an innocent child to play crazy politics and saying crap on TV and internet for people to just gather sympathizers. I think it’s absolutely stupid and crazy.”


“So this same today I found out that my email that was hacked sometime last year, somebody sent out messages and private conversations between me and my pastor and some pictures of Stella Damascus kids sent them out to bloggers. Where I wrote, these pictures are private do not put it out there. They still published them. 
When you guys start to believe these things, it shows these people that are reading thee blogs and writing these comments must be absolutely retarded because the same Stella Damasus has been pregnant for me the past 4 years…
Whoever I choose to date now or be with is my business, I can handle myself but I am just saying to people, before you start talking and writing crap, please confirm your story from the right sources and stop writing trash and people see that and believe that and your words become their truth, it doesn’t make any sense.”

“People have leveled several accusations against me and claim I refused to have Doris see her son and its painful when I hear stuff like that because I heard she said in court that she hasn’t seen her son since 2011, its painful not just for me but for David who has constantly been speaking with his mom. Now in Nigeria, you came and saw him in Abuja, I allowed you, you stayed with him, I paid for the ticket, I paid for the hotel you stayed in, you came and took him out to see your cousins and friends, thats there. Have you forgotten that so easily? How I recorded you guys on your iPad, playing with him in the hotel room. Beyond that I still flew to Lagos to discuss with you how we can have an arrangement where you can visit him anytime you want, it’s there. We came to America. David has been speaking to you constantly on the phone. The first school he registered into, you were speaking with him, you knew the names of the classmates. We met in the UK, in my hotel room, we spoke extensively about his situation and what we gonna arrange, it’s surprising at this point now I will hear, that someone is going to court to say that you haven’t seen or heard or spoken to your son since 2011 it is also painful for me on David’s behalf, because this boy is not a kid anymore, we talk all the time and he remembers these conversations with you. He remembers how you guys spoke during Christmas, his birthday, he knows these things and remembers the conversation so why would u go out saying that you haven’t spoken to your son since 2011 but because I respect the rule of law and I respect all parties involved, I will not go around and speak smack of you or speak ill of anyone because at some point we were married and this boy is still your son and nobody can change that. I can’t even change that. But if this is going on to gather sympathy from the public and let people care about you even more, think about the boy that we call our child.”

“This will be the first and last time I will address this husband snatching situation because I don’t appreciate when people go around and say somebody snatch one person from the other, in all of this, I am the man involved and am not an object that somebody will pick up and take from one point A to point B. The truth is that I entered into a union with someone right? We agreed to stay married and nobody was there when we got married…along the line, things fell apart. Why it fell apart is nobody’s business cause I’m not gonna put my private life out there for you all to make a movie of, but it fell apart, and I decided to take my son and left.”

“Think about it, if a man was irresponsible, would he take his son and walk away with that boy? Doing all he can to hold on to his son? But people have said crap and all sorts of things but I don’t appreciate it when people say, one person took a man away from her house. I am not an object. I am the man here you people are talking about. I have all my business, I have my life, I do my thing, I don’t bother anybody. If I made the choice to be with one person and it fell apart, I have the right mind, and brain to make up my mind on who I choose to move on with and its nobody’s business and if you cannot deal with it, go sit somewhere else and watch things happen in silence but don’t stay there and speak crap about what you know absolutely nothing about.
I am the man in this situation, let me do my thing and handle my affairs the way I want to, I will not speak ill of anyone because there are certain issues that are being dealt with in the court, let that be dealt with. I am not gonna sit here and go on and on about somebody else’s life. Everybody has moved on. Let us move on. Let the court handle what they can handle and let me handle what I have to handle. All the parties go and sit down and just chill.
The important person here is my son David, he is the only reason why I would sit here today and say this. For me to decide to move on from a marriage and take my son with me, think about it, if I wanted to mess around, I would leave him and go and have a field day in America and do what I want to do but I chose to take him with me. Sit down and ask yourself, why would I want to do that? Why would a man choose to do that when he can go ahead and have fun all by himself? Take on the responsibility of being a single father and just have a blast, instead I left with my son and the whole world is crying, you know what, I wish everybody well, this is what I want to say, for those who are still dwelling on this issue and still speaking rubbish, it is my prayer that you experience a fraction, just a fraction, of what I have experienced emotionally through this period of what have been happening to me and my son. I pray it happens to you. Let me see, in the words of Tuface, if your smile will not turn into a frown, its okay, I leave it all in God’s hands and leave it in the court but I wish you well alright? Thats it.”


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