Nollywood filmmaker ‘Moses Inwang’ & Ex-Beauty Queen Wife ‘Emem’ share their Love Story! Blog

Nollywood filmmaker ‘Moses Inwang’ & Ex-Beauty Queen Wife ‘Emem’ share their Love Story!

Nollywood filmmaker, Moses Inwang, got married to Emem, a former beauty queen and actress in 2014. (Click here if you missed it). The beautiful couple who have been married for almost a year met at a premiere of one of Emem Isong’s movie and recently, they both shared their love story with Punch Newspaper in Nigeria.


Read snippets from the interview below:

On the Qualities they admire in each other:

Moses:It was all about the calmness and difference between her and other women I had dated in the past. Even though I was dating someone else at the time, she was unlike my ex who made me unhappy. I tried to end the relationship but it was tough. My wife is so beautiful so I asked her to play the part of the bridesmaid and she
ended up becoming a lot more beautiful than the bride herself.”

Emem:After spending three months with him, I realised I couldn’t spend my life with any other person. This was my first relationship and I knew that if I ended up with him, he would bring out the best in me.”

On the proposal:

Moses:I planned to buy a beautiful engagement ring. For some reason, I arrived the shop after they had closed for the day. I proposed to her with my gold necklace which had a heart-shaped pendant.”

On marriage lessons learned so far:

Moses:There is no going back and I have this peace of mind knowing I have a good wife at home. I see other women when I go out but the knowledge that I have a more beautiful wife at home makes me less vulnerable. Getting married has helped me check myself.”

Emem:This is the first time I have to get approval from someone apart from my parents before I do anything. We seek each other’s approval before we post things on
the social media.”

On his views about Nigerian male celebrities who rarely go out with their wives?

Moses: “How can you be married and yet you never go out with your wife? I attend events with my wife whether in Nigeria or abroad. The only issue is that she requests for a new dress for every event.”

Emem: “For every high-profile event I attend, I get a new dress. My husband is worse; he would return from the barbershop with a new outfit.”

On whether he can cheat on his wife?

Moses: “No, I don’t even think about it. Before I got married, I never cheated. I don’t have space in my life for any other person asides my wife.”

To read the full interview, click HERE!

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