Ubi Franklin Opens Up on Dating Emma Nyra: ‘Don’t ever have any intimate relationship with a girl you are working with’

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Ubi Franklin Opens Up on Dating Emma Nyra: ‘Don’t ever have any intimate relationship with a girl you are working with’


Emma Nyra recently had an exclusive interview with Emma Emerson of Golden Icons, during which she talked about various topics including dating rumors with Ubi Franklin, CEO of Triple MG, and Iyanya; her status with the music label she’s known with and lots more. In the interview, Emma Nyra categorically denied dating neither Ubi Franklin nor Iyanya. Click here if you missed it!

Contrary to Emma Nyra’s clarification on rumors regarding dating the Triple MG boss, Ubi Franklin however confirmed that he had a romantic relationship with Nyra in a down-to-earth exclusive interview with The Cable. Franklin also shared his experiences and lessons learned from dating a colleague, probably implying someone in the same music label.

Read excerpts from the interview below:

On Current Relationship Status with Emma Nyra:

“Well, we’ve been trying to move on and everything has to heal with time and I am just praying to God that everything goes well because I have really tried. I don’t think that I have spent as much money on Iyanya as I’ve spent on Emma Nyra. Emma has like nine videos at about N3.5m. She has a lot of materials out there. For Emma, I just believe that when God says it’s her time, it’s her time. I’ve tried to fix the whole American thing for a while but I still pray God gives her the hit I think she deserves because I’ve spent a lot of money on her.


On Meeting his fiancée, Lilian Esoro:

“I met Lilian, my fiancee, at a friend’s party a few months ago, towards the end of last year. I’d been seeing her around before then but I’m a one-woman-one-man kind of guy. I don’t know how some people feel about that. If I am dating one person, I am all about that person. I’ve seen her a couple of times at events because I know she used to work for AY. I used to wonder who she was but I just passed by. But God just finally said we should get talking. The first day I met her, I told her I was going to marry her because her environment was so good for me. I’ve dated different girls in my lifetime but I believe when you meet a woman that you are going to marry you would know. You might date someone for 10 years and still not get married but the day you meet the person that you are going to marry, you will know.”

On Strongest Business Advice to His Colleagues:

“My biggest advice would be: ‘Don’t ever have any intimate relationship with a girl you are working with.’ I was dating Emma Nyra and the relationship didn’t go as I thought it should have gone. When you’re dating somebody and you are the boss, there are things you can’t tell your wife or your girlfriend. But if you say it to an employee you are dating, they tend to misbehave. Like, if you tell the others to do something, they will obey without thinking about it. It’s not only me but it has happened to a lot of people, but that is the business lesson I’ve learnt in my life.”

Read the rest of Ubi Franklin’s interview on The Cable.

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