Chinese ‘Maternity Tourism’ Businesses Raided by US Federal Agents! Blog

Chinese ‘Maternity Tourism’ Businesses Raided by US Federal Agents!


The US laws automatically confers citizenship to whomever is born in its territories. As such, the country has become a holy grail for those who plan to obtain citizenship for their children through the shortest possible route. The law can be opened to abuse and for the past few years, Chinese nationals have allegedly become the main abusers.

A few months ago, federal agents conducted several raids on businesses in California that specifically catered to Chinese on tourism visa who plan to give birth in the US territory just to gain citizenship for their babies.

The business has allegedly become a multi-million dollars industry for ‘maternity tourism‘ where the pregnant Chinese women come to US just to give birth while appearing to be entering the country as a tourist.

The so-called ‘anchor baby’ once born will be given citizenship and when he turns 21 years of age, can sponsor other family members to the US. Such a planned ‘tourism’ is an abuse of the immigration and naturalization laws.

The raid was jointly conducted by the immigration, department of Homeland Security, treasury and inland revenue departments and several financial records were seized from these suspected facilities, usually operated in the home.

In Orange County on Tuesday morning, about 40 agents entered the luxurious Carlyle Apartment complex, where residents said they had noticed many pregnant women. The agents reportedly collected diaper boxes, computers and documents, and were expected to remain at the site all day.

The businesses named in the affidavits could not be immediately reached for comment. One of the companies, Los Angeles-based Star Baby Care Center says on its website that it has “served” more than 8,000 women since 1999. Another company, USA Happy Baby Inc., promises on its website to refund women if U.S. officials at the airport send them back home, according to the affidavit.

Investigators said clients of some companies choose from different packages, some offering apartments in complexes boasting resort-style opulence and amenities and outings to upscale eateries, Disneyland and a shooting range. All are provided Mandarin-speaking nannies.

It seems that the Chinese are taking the entrepreneurial spirits to a more advance but bizarre level.

Source: Wall Street Journal

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