On Caitlyn Jenner “I don’t like to discuss them…because.. I think they have mental sickness”; says Film Maker Pascal Atuma

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On Caitlyn Jenner “I don’t like to discuss them…because.. I think they have mental sickness”; says Film Maker Pascal Atuma

Film Maker Pascal Atuma on Caitlyn Jenner “I don’t like to discuss them…because.. I think they have mental sickness”


Emma Emerson of Golden Icons had to opportunity to sit down with Nigerian Hollywood-based Filmmaker, Pascal Atuma, and the interview was pretty smooth, until the last question (which is extracted and shown in the video below), when the conversation got heated as Pascal shared his views and opinion about what he thinks about Caitlyn Jenner being a Transgender, as well as his opinion on homosexuality.

Typically, Emma Emerson, the Golden Icons host is used to allowing our guests just express themselves; but on this particular subject, she went on the defensive as she held on to her point of view while our guest ‘Pascal Atuma’ also spoke candidly with no holds barred.  The section of the interview below depicts this strong opinionated debate, and it all started when Emerson just casually asked for Atuma’s opinion about the whole Caitlyn Jenner Transgender saga, and he immediately responded “No Comment.” Emma then asked “why?” and here is an excerpt of what he had to say:

“I don’t like to discuss them.. The reason I don’t like to discuss them is because.. I think they have mental sickness.

They need to go to a mental health center.. and get taking care of..

When someone who I think.. I judge you as a mental patient.. Why would I discuss you!

 So I think the Bruce Jenner…The Jenner.. all the Kardashian.. All that Clan..

From all of them to Kanye West.. I think they are all mental patients…”

Emma later asked if the mental issue was being ascribed only to Transgenders, and not Homosexuals.. This also turned into a bit of a disagreement, and they had to result into searching the internet and making a phone call to a Medical Doctor friend to help them with the medical definition of the term ‘Homosexuality’, which Pascal’s Doctor friend specifically defined as “Abnormal Sexual Behavior”. In the last part of this heated conversation, Emma then asked, if this is abnormal, then what is normal to him, and he responded:

“What is normal is.. A man looking at a woman; and a woman looking at a man, and they tangle!!, that is normal”.

Watch the Live Response Below:

The full interview will be premiered on wordpress-527090-1677976.cloudwaysapps.com on June 30, 2015, Click HERE to Watch the Interview Highlights

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